Hello Friends,

Where did the time go?  Now that I am officially in my 60's, I will begin my next chapter/adventure in life.  In this chapter, I will focus less on me and more on growing God's Kingdom.  I will continue the fight by supporting and expanding the mission God has laid on my heart in Soweto Kenya "Fruit of God Mission".

Soweto was the largest slum area in the world with a poverty level that exceeded anything I have ever witnessed. In spite of their unfathomable living conditions, the spirit of the 1,500,000+ people that live in Soweto found a way to make a profound impact on my life.  Thank you God for this miracle and opportunity to serve you and your children "Fruit of God Mission".


For the great people and companies I've served over the past 35+ years, I thank you so much for allowing me to do what I absolutely love doing.  I have been blessed to know you and will be ever grateful to you.  Business Transformation will always be a passion of mine and I will continue "part time" providing Lean and Six Sigma training through the University of Houston and through the University of South Carolina.  I will also continue enhancing and supporting the MyGemba "Improvement Management System".  The users of MyGemba has and will continue to provide my mission with the resources needed to save lives and to bring people who are lost back to their Father which shows them the way and gives them hope.  To learn more about the MyGemba or how to begin using the system, either call me at 281-507-4571 or email me at thomasdunn@dbar-innovations.com.


With Love and Respect,

Thomas Dunn LSSMBB
P: 281-507-4571
E: thomasdunn@dbar-innovations.com